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A leading women’s empowerment figure, Katie Hansen-Novasio, has found kratom to help her alleviate pain from endometriosis and has become an advocate of kratom

Utah Woman is Helping Ladies Around the Country Win Against Menstrual Pain

Mrs. Hansen-Novasio escaped her past life of domestic abuse including constant threats on her life (including her daughters) and has transformed into a lioness who helps women that have gone through many of the trials she faced and has overcome (including domestic verbal and physical abuse, mental trauma, changing mindset and body positivity).

Katie is a successful model, inspirational motivator and podcaster who has helped thousands of women (both personally and through her podcasts and public outreach). She has achieved a 5-star rating on Apple podcasts and is a frequently interviewed or a guest on well-known podcasts. She resides in the Salt Lake City area with her husband and children.

While looking to find solutions to her ongoing pain from endometriosis along with lower back pain, she stumbled upon kratom and decided to give it a test drive. She quickly discovered multiple kratom products helped and has since become an advocate of kratom and told others about her story.

In her words, “After multiple surgeries, I was trying anything I could find in an attempt to relieve the pain from the scarring and lower back pain I was experiencing. After finding kratom, the best way I know how to explain it is the pain is gone. I just don’t feel it anymore! No side effects, it’s just gone. I haven’t felt this good in years!”

The miracle plant from southeast Asia has been stacking up major wins over the past couple years. This adds another story of how kratom is changing lives for the better and is helping people from all walks of life live a more fulfilled and improved daily experience.

To learn more about Katie Hansen-Novasio go to her website at www.katiescrazycorner.com

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